Atari Studios

Atari Studios is dedicated to bringing the rich and iconic Atari games to television and digital media across the globe. Led by former executives from Fremantle Media, IMG and NBC Universal, Atari Studios works with broadcasters and content creators to bring Atari’s games to life.

“Atari has brand equity and tremendous recognition in the 18-54 year old demographic” says Fred Chesnais, Chairman of the Board of Atari “and we believe our brand and our games have the power to break through the clutter and bring success to our partners”.


Atari Studios has recently aired a 20 episode series of a live action game show based on the classic Atari game Codebreaker, created by Steve Jobs, on Discovery Science Europe where the show saw significant viewership and critical acclaim.


Atari Studios has also produced 16 episodes
of Player Up, where iconic games Pong,
Lunar Lander and Adventure were brought
to life in a 16 team tournament with 11 European
countries represented in a fierce battle of skill,
smarts and national pride.



Atari Studios is currently working with a variety of networks, studios and producers to develop content for a variety of platforms, including film, television, streaming services, apps and digital.
Projects in development include feature films, scripted television, unscripted competition and game shows, all culled from Atari’s amazing library of over 200 successful games.

Atari Studios has also created a Sports division which will connect the Atari brand and its games to sports networks and teams throughout the world with the over 100 million Atari fans and players.